Mugs with attachable handles.

ovject Enamel Hook Mug [360 ml]

Mugs with attachable handles

ovject Enamel Hook Mugs with attachable and detachable handles.
Enamel cups won't spoil the flavor of your beverage,
and you can attach magnet handles to the cup body
in whatever cup-to-handle color arrangement that fits your mood.

A ceramic feel with a versatile multipurpose 360 ml capacity.
They do not break, making them perfect for casual outdoor use.
They are also easy to stack with handles detached, and compact and easy to carry.

Each cup comes with a top to minimize spilling
even when accidentally tipped over.

At gatherings, everyone can have their own color,
making them amazingly functional for identifying everyone's individual cup.

*Patent pending

  • Enamel preserves the natural taste of beverages without impacting flavor
  • Mix and match cup and handle colors
  • Everyone can choose their own color in group settings, making it easy to identify each person's cup
  • Detachable handles make stacking easy
  • The texture has a frosted finish ceramics feel
  • A 360 ml size for convenient daily-use
  • Comes with a top to minimize spilling when knocked over
Color / Product number
Black enamel cups
Cup: Black / Handle: Black (O-EFM-BKBK)
Cup: Black / Handle: White (O-EFM-BKWH)
Cup: Black / Handle: Gray (O-EFM-BKGY)
Cup: Black / Handle: Terra cotta (O-EFM-BKTC)
Cup: Black / Handle: Purple (O-EFM-BKPP)

White enamel cups
Cup: White / Handle: Black (O-EFM-WHBK)
Cup: White / Handle: White (O-EFM-WHWH)
Cup: White / Handle: Gray (O-EFM-WHGY)
Cup: White / Handle: Terra cotta (O-EFM-WHTC)
Cup: White / Handle: Purple (O-EFM-WHPP)

Gray enamel cups
Cup: Gray / Handle: Black (O-EFM-GYBK)
Cup: Gray / Handle: White (O-EFM-GYWH)
Cup: Gray / Handle: Gray (O-EFM-GYGY)
Cup: Gray / Handle: Terra cotta (O-EFM-GYTC)
Cup: Gray / Handle: Purple (O-EFM-GYPP)
2,500 + tax
φ94×105 (h) × 130 (w)
220 g
Enameled steel sheet, glaze, ABS, silicon, magnet
360 ml
Country of manufacture
Other information
Not microwaveable / Do not put in dishwasher