An inorganic form
and adorable feel.

ovject Salt&Pepper [ Cylinder / Rectangle Set ]

An inorganic form and adorable feel.

The motif for this salt and pepper shaker art object is the geometric plaster models for sketching often seen in school art rooms. It projects two completely different ambiances: the inorganic impression of the back and the adorable feel of three holes for sprinkling salt and pepper on the front side.The material is eggshell white ceramic used to generate the feel of a plaster model. To make it easy to see what cooking seasonings are inside, labels with seasoning names written on them to attach to the body and labels with space to write on are provided. Seasonings can be changed out by taking off the cap on the base. A salt and pepper shaker function graces an inorganic geometric model shape for the perfect addition to your daily lifestyle in two model types: cylinder and rectangle.

  • An inorganic form and adorable feel
  • A unique appearance that does not look like a salt and pepper shaker
  • Comes with labels for writing seasoning names
Color / Product No.
White (O-SP-WH)
W50×H70×D50 [ Cylinder / Rectangle ]
Cylinder 60g / Rectangle 65g
Pottery, Silicon
Country of manufacture