Multi-functional enamel cast iron pan deep
that can also be cooked usingthe lid.

Enameled Cast Iron Pan – Deep [23cm]

Multi-purpose enameled cast iron two-handled pan, with a lid usable for cooking : Deep Type

ovject’s two-handled pan with a 3.6L volume facilitates a wide variety of cooking methods, starting with rice-cooking, as well as authentic Dutch oven cuisine at home, and simmering, steaming and frying. Food is cooked to perfection with the excellent heat storage properties of cast iron, and the all-over enamel coating prevents rust, prolonging the life of the product while making it easy to clean. The lid, which serves the dual function of a grill plate, features grill ridges, making it optimal for frying vegetables and meat to perfection. In addition, because of the lid’s appropriate weight and high sealability, when simmering, steaming, broiling or cooking rice, the grill ridges ensure that all steam is utilized effectively, and ingredients are cooked through quicker due to the steam effect. The lid is shaped flat so that other items can easily be stacked on top, allowing for efficient storage. The distinctive shape of the handles is derived from their function of enabling easy opening and closing even when wearing heat-proof mitts. The excellent heat storage of cast iron, the superb easy-to-clean properties of enamel, and a pleasant-to-use functionality are brought together in the form of this two-handled pan.

  • The 3.6L volume allows for a wide range of cooking methods such as rice-cooking, Dutch oven cuisine, simmering, steaming, and frying
  • A cast iron pan with rust-proof enamel coating
  • A multipurpose pan: the lid can also be used as a grill plate
  • Compatible with IH / Induction (compatible with all heat sources except microwave ovens)
  • The highly-sealable, optimally heavy lid features grill ridges which circulate steam back to the ingredients, preventing loss of flavor
Color / Product No.
Matte Black (O-THP-23D)
When lid is closed: φ240 (including handles W294)×H115
Lid: φ240×H13
Pot: φ240 (internal diameter φ230)×H102
Lid: 1.4kg Pan: 2.8 kg Total weight: 4.2kg
Steel plate (all-over enamel coating)
Country of Manufacture